Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leaving Brazil and on to Ghana

So a little recap on Brazil: My roomie and I went to the markets on Friday morning. We ended up walking around a lot trying to find them but when we finally did they were very nice. I really enjoyed looking at the things they were selling (a lot included scales or other parts from piranhas). But walking around, at least for me, was very sketchy. I’m from a smaller town so I’m not used to being around that kind of big city atmosphere. I didn’t like so many people walking so close to me and bumping into me. Needless to say, I had my bag held tight against my body. By the way, on a side note, I bought one of the Pac Safe bags and so far it’s working great! It’s slash proof and has zippers that lock so they can’t be pick pocketed. Seem like it’s working well! Anyway, walking through Manaus, being constantly stared at, being called gringas, and having salesmen follow you around wasn’t very fun. All in all, I really enjoyed the Amazon as a beautiful part of nature, but the city of Manaus isn’t one I’d want to return to.

From Brazil to Ghana, we had one of our longest stretches of days at sea, the longest being from Yokohama to Hilo. It was difficult for most, since we experienced the rockiest waves we have come across yet. My roommate and I spent the majority of two of the days sleeping. However, it paled in comparison to the SAS experience in 2005. Nonetheless, it was different and tough to get used to. Unfortunately, we are expecting to see even worse waves from Ghana to South Africa. Eventually the waves became smoother and the last couple days to Ghana were enjoyable.

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